About Me

Professional MC

About me

Known as the "Voice of Meetings & Events", Afshan Syed is a host for live and televised events & a content strategist. Her clients include Mercedes, Samsung, Honda, Times of India, Dell, Mahindra, Author Dev Prasad , Essilor, Kazo,Toyota,Cisco,Godrej, Accenture,Ultratech,Yamaha,Unilever,Airtel, Axis,Hdfc and more.

Afshan has the experience to deliver on your objectives, whether you are looking for a master of ceremonies or require a more custom solution. In addition she can help you in expanding your reach and impact.

A Master of Ceremonies is the official host of an event and ensures the event flows smoothly. There are a few basic functions or duties of a master of ceremonies, which Afshan is always keen in following

  • Make introductory and closing remarks
  • Introduce speakers/sponsors/distinguished guests
  • Keep the program moving
  • Handle the housekeeping items and announcements
  • Improvise to keep the program on track when things don't go as planned

Afshan is an all rounder covering Conferences , Teambuilding , Product Launch , Seminars , Entertainment Evenings and many more being her forte.